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Government promotes Severe Mental Illness amongst most deprived sections of the population

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:38pm
What is that people do not understand about mental health?

Mental health is like physical health
There are a number of basic requirements (like oxygen, food and water)

These are:
1) A good environment
2) Good physical health
3) Good relationships, healthy emotions and a supportive group of people
4) Positive experiences in life supported by healthy thinking (think of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - otherwise known as good advice from your grandmother)
5) The opportunity to be yourself

Yes it is that simple. Most of us can cope with one or two out of place, but when three or more are out of balance, the trouble starts.

Two articles in the Guardian - Both describe how people are deprived of the essential vitamins of good mental health

1) Rentergirl: Where family values mean nothing

2) A mindless oversight: Titan jails could have a devastating effect on the already precarious mental health of many prisoners. These are Institutions housing 2,500 individuals -

Environment - fail

Physical health - fail - no sunlight, poor food, poor healthcare

Emotion and Social group - fail - no purpose and no joint activities

Positive experiences of life - fail - no constructive learning, bullying and harassment rife

Opportunity to be yourself - In an institution, with 2,500 other people?

Where are we going?
Just about everyone living in either of the above institutions will develop severe mental health problems. End of story.

Is this a plot to allow the government to medicate its way out of social difficulties? Is Soma (the stuff from George Orwell's 1984- just in case :-) the solution?? Anaesthetise the less able and less willing amongst the population so that only the good workers are left??

When will people wake up and realise that this is going on today. This is the Assault on Reason Al Gore describes. This is not reasonable. We do not need double blind controlled trials to establish that depriving people of the essentials vitamins of mental health destroys their mental health.

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller

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