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Government Agencies Looking for “Cloud First” Solutions To Reduce IT Costs and Save Energy-Will The Senate Decide to

Posted Dec 01 2010 1:33pm

Here we go once again I believe with an uncompleted understanding of IT technology and a sample of illiteracy at the lawmaking level and why I keep talking about this issue as those folks living in the 70s scare me as they don’t get it.  I’ll go back to my words of choice here and once again use the term the “non participants”.  This is what gets them in trouble and creates foot in mouth disease. 

Thank goodness everyone doesn’t function at that level or we would really be in big trouble.  If folks don’t listen today and at learn up on how general consumer literacy is needed, well then we are totally sunk as staff can’t do everything for one and there is a time to become participants.  To be fair here this is really non partisan as there are plenty on the other side as well so all could use some education.

In Coders We Trust: Laurel Ruma Describes Gov 2.0 As A Platform–Become an “Algo Man”

I get bothered when I see items such as the one below to where the public is attacked due to lack of IT literacy and yet can I find any role models with even so much as a cell phone in their hand with images on the web, no.  It’s back to the pot calling the kettle black here. When it comes to general consumer IT literacy we have a bunch of “magpies” in that area that don’t do much more than repeat what they read or hear and continue to be non participants, and thus we end up with more OMG stories about “tech dumb and dumber” every day.  I just finished up the extra work they created in June with delaying the MD Medicare cuts as all those bills had to be resubmitted, nice right?  I am not alone as this made tons of work for many across the US, but they don’t care or see this as “non participants” .

HS National Plan to Improve Health Literacy – Not Going To Happen Until We Focus on Using Technology (The Tool for Literacy) Which Includes Role Models at HHS And Other Places in Government

As a matter of fact with some wanting healthcare repeal, they seem to think all these costs grow on trees, and again this comes back to pretty much being a non participant and thinking that everything is “for those guys over there”.  Yesterday on Twitter there were some comments about the 70s folks wanting to juggle for position on the “science” committee, what a great place for the “non participants”, right?  At that rate science and funding will stay at the same rate as what was done in the 70s?  Anyway, that is the view from myself and several others on the web and so we just sit back and watch the non participants and wait for the next OMG story to hit and our lack of faith continues to grow.  The sooner we get IT educated members of Congress in action, then we can move forward.  BD 

The federal government is adopting a "cloud-first" policy, marking the administration's strongest statement yet in support of Web-based computing as it looks to overhaul the way it buys information technology.

Jeffrey Zients, the federal government's first chief performance officer, announced last week that the Office of Management and Budget will now require federal agencies to default to cloud-based solutions "whenever a secure, reliable, cost-effective cloud option exists."

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