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Google Rewards Healthcare Marketers that Solve Patient Problems

Posted Mar 29 2012 8:03am
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Posted by: on Mar 29, 2012 |

Here is great news for healthcare marketers : Google’s search algorithm is prioritizing sites that actually solve problems for people. Obviously, that should be a healthcare marketer’s primary goal regardless of search implications. Here’s what you need to know…

While Google rewards sites offering valuable information, it also penalizes anyone trying too aggressively to game the system with keyword usage. Think again before you go that route, because Google has made it clear that it will cost you. When Google finds people “cheating” the system through keyword abuse, they send the culprit deep into the search results making them incredibly difficult to locate via search.

Here is the profile of a page with a high search ranking:

Look at #3. Want to move up in search ratings? Then solve problems for your patients through your web content.

So, what is your next step? Ask yourself (and your team),  “What problems are we actually solving for patients?” Is your hospital or practice website currently filled with self-serving marketing speak, or are you seeking to offer value and solutions to your patients?

This is a question everything healthcare marketer needs to consider. Because cheaters never prosper (Google ensures it), and those seeking to truly help patients will be rewarded.

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