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Google PHR and Continua Health Alliance working together with IBM

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:29am

IBM’s part of the project is to supply the software.  This will allow devices to connect via USB and as I have mentioned many times over, image automatically input the data, not sitting down and typing it all in.  Back in November I had written about Continua relative to making blue tooth devices easer to work with and getting certified.  Continua is an organization that supports interoperable health care technology products.

Read about what’s going on at the Cleveland Clinic for a better idea here with the HealthVault as well and has a multitude of devices that already connect. 

We do need to help educate everyone on how the programs work as they are free, for some strange reason everyone is still relating to having to type everything in and fails to look at the integrated side of things.  I have permanent links on this site to go to both web pages.

Again, I do mention education and at least taking a look at what you can do.  My 84 year old mother, who is blind in one eye has both a Google Health Account and a HealthVault account and has no problems with using either one, and yes I did teach her how to use it as well, but now she rolls right on her own, but again this comes back around to the education process once again.  These are free consumer products, but as mentioned below do we look at PHRs being for those guys over there? 

Personal Health Records (PHR), I don’t do technology said the CEO, “it’s for those guys over there”

A couple weeks ago I watched the testimonies in front of Congress and they didn’t seem to comprehend it either as it appeared nobody even hinted to knowing what a PHR is and it had to be explained, back to education once more for all of us.  BD 

IBM (NYSE: IBM), in collaboration with Google and the Continua Health Alliance, today announced new software that will enable personal medical devices used for patient monitoring, screening and routine evaluation to automatically stream data results into a patient's Google Health Account or other personal health record (PHR). This breakthrough extends the value of PHRs to consumers and also helps to ensure that such records are current and accurate at all times. Once stored in a PHR, the data can also be shared with physicians and other members of the extended care network at a user's discretion.

IBM Teams With Google and Continua Health Alliance to Move Data From Remote Personal Medical Devices Into Google Health and Other PHRs

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