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Google and Microsoft Once More Discuss Personal Health Records Versus a National EMR Data Base

Posted Aug 07 2009 6:10pm

I am a big proponent of Personal Health Records and have an entire section dedicated to the use and instructions here on both Google Health and HealthVault, but again it comes back to education to get folks moving and motivated. As I wrote below, where are the mentors?

Where Are the PHR Mentors – Education Required as the Arizona Senior Project is Finding Out with Little Participation

It is not just the public that needs education too, back in January, posted by the Senate themselves, you can watch the testimonies and see that image nobody on that committee knew what a PHR was and Kaiser and Microsoft graciously answered the questions.  Now both of the web based programs have been around for over 2 years and gee, nobody on the committee had 30 minutes to do a web search to even look them?    Members of Congress need education and perhaps need to read a bit more too.  This is a consumer product and last I looked, members of Congress are consumers too with healthcare issues, right? 

Investing in Health IT: US Senate Testimonies

You can click here to visit the site to listen to the video put out by the Senate and see what I mean,it’s their video and takes about an hour to watch and you can fast forward.  I really recommend watching so you get an idea of the involvement at the government level and see their  perceptions as it very much relates to how the reform movement is going today, most in the room had no clue, even though again, PHRs have been around for over 2 years now, so in essence did they really comprehend the spending packages they were about to approve back then?  It makes me wonder how the rest of healthcare reform is perceived too. 

If we were talking about issues that don’t involve everyone, I could understand the ignorance here, but again no mentors and a big lack of interest from the leaders who make the laws, is this a “do as I say situation and not a do as I do”?   BD

Top executives at Google and Microsoft sharply questioned the structure of the Obama administration's $20 billion health information technology plan at a meeting of a presidential technology council on Thursday.

Eric Schmidt, chairman and chief executive officer of Google, told top health technology officials at a meeting of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology that the current national health IT system planned by the administration will result in hospitals and doctors using an outdated system of databases in what is becoming an increasingly Web-focused world. The approach will stifle innovation, he said, and ensures medical professionals continue to use existing outmoded medical databases, many of which are copyrighted and cannot be duplicated.

Google, Microsoft executives criticize Obama's e-health records plan – Nextgov

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