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Good news for authe ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:20pm

Good news for authenticates you as to who you are, without telling who you are... with disclosing a very minimal amount of work with Windows cardspace...good news for health care privacy in the works...." But U-Prove departs from Microsoft's past identity efforts. The idea is to identify you without, well, identifying you"..... BD 

image U-Prove is, simply put, a privacy/security protection mechanism. The technology works on a simple principle: Enable transactions by revealing as little information as possible. 

Credentica's Stefan Brands, Christian Paquin and Greg Thompson have joined Microsoft, where they will work as part of the Identity and Access Group. Microsoft also acquired associated U-Prove patents. Microsoft online services would look dramatically different with an identity mechanism that truly protected privacy and security on both sides of the transaction all while guaranteeing both parties that they are who they say they are, without necessarily saying who they are.  But Microsoft is mistaken. Online activities and transactions are more complex than that. Search is one strategic technology, but there are others that Google doesn't control. If Microsoft could take a strategic lead protecting identity around transactions, the company could better enable all kinds of Web activities, and in so doing raise its online credibility. Privacy concerns have dogged Google.

Microsoft Watch - Security - Microsoft Says, 'U-Prove It'

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