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Go get your health in your hand

Posted Jun 29 2009 7:49am

Maintaining good health and taking care is utmost important in order to keep the huge medical expenses at bay. For this health equipments make it easy for people to check their health directly with just a small investment at a go. Medical devices, equipments and tools are designed specifically for handy usage. In the present scenario they are being accepted widely because they are portable in usage and user-friendly.


The smart devices that are the result of innovations are notably of lower rates and zero machine maintenance cost. Many of these devices operate on batteries. So, it can be taken anywhere.


Reduced health care costs and convenience are the paramount things that have made these health devices popular among patients. These are equipments that can be used by the patients in the comfort zones of their houses, so the people with certain conditions, which need strict monitoring, are liberated from hospital peripherals.


These medical equipments are harnessed to teach people to take care about their health and evaluation of their health conditions. These devices help keep your health under check. This adds to effective and efficient health care. Hence the demand of these instruments is increasing gradually in the market. Various companies manufacturing these devices with advance technology are in the market. MABIS healthcare is in this field past many years.



MABIS Healthcare focused primarily on aneroid sphygmomanometers, blood pressure monitors, thermometry products, stethoscopes and nebulizers, always driven by superior customer service and consumer care. In 2005, Duro-Med Industries, with a 35-year history of supplying durable medical equipment to the home healthcare market, joined with MABIS Healthcare. Together under one parent company (DMS Holdings) MABIS Healthcare and Duro-Med Industries have become the distinctive industry leader known as MABIS DMI Healthcare.


Get the health care products for better health. Equipments such as thermometers, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, Nebulizers, Otoscopes, Diagnostic sets, Pedometers, Fat loss Monitors, Heart Rate Monitors and each product comes in many categories. So, take care of your health in advance to keep the complicated problems at bay.   

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