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GlaxoSmithKline Laying Off or Eliminating 700 Sales/Marketing Jobs

Posted Jun 10 2010 6:49pm

It’s getting more difficult for doctors to find a lot of time for effective sales calls anymore as well.  Some doctors even place signs on their doors that drug reps are not seen without an appointment and some won’t see them at all.

To the surprise of some, DuBuske, an allergy and asthma specialist and a Harvard Medical School instructor, will resign from Brigham and Women’s Hospital at the end of the month, the hospital said.  In addition to seeing patients at the Brigham, DuBuske, 55, runs a Gardner-based nonprofit organization called the Immunology Research Institute of New England, which sponsors education programs for doctors in Eastern Europe, according to its website.”

Drug companies have to rely a bit more on creative advertising without direct contact and boy have we seen some of that, so perhaps commercials like this one advertising Nicorette they can still reach out and touch people.  This is funny commercial as the actors in the classic movies all appear to be smoking tampons, of course it’s the product.  BD

The usual bugbears are behind the cuts: stiff competition from low-cost generics, increasingly frugal insurance companies and physicians’ reluctance to meet with sales reps. These same factors prompted AstraZeneca to wind down its U.S. sales force for the heartburn pill Nexium last year and put in place telephone call centers and web sites for doctors seeking information about the drug, Bernstein analyst Tim Anderson wrote in a recent research note.

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