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German Information Technology Company, ifa Systems AG Buys US Telehealth Diabetic Eye Care Company in Oklahoma And Opens New US

Posted Aug 16 2010 10:09am

The information is sent and analyzed and can be combined with an electronic image medical records system.  This process bring an eye examination to the primary care doctor’s office.  In addition it also appears that they have vans that can travel to a company location to provide scanning services on a large scale basis for those covered by employer insurance. 

In addition the German firm has also opened a web site for the US which you can image find here.   You can view more about their IPad EMR system.  They appear to both integrate as well as provide their own EMR system on the US page and perhaps we have one more company here in the US entering the electronic medical records system. 

In Germany, they are pretty much all electronic medical records.  Last year I had quite a long talk with a professor from Germany who wrote an EMR used in a German hospital and we had a lot to talk about comparing notes since my stab at it a few years ago, the mechanics have changed a bit, but the vital information and some of the building of the system is pretty much the same. 

World Medical Tourism Conference 2009 – A Learning Awareness


From the Website:

Inoveon's iScan is the best way to detect and evaluate diabetic retinopathy and macular edema - a major cause of vision loss in patients with diabetes.

Because it is located in your primary care physician's office it is convenient to get this testing done. Doing so, insures you are getting the best care to protect your sight and maintain your quality of life.

A standard report with the results of your iScan will be sent to your doctor within 2 working days. This specially formatted report provides an iScore The report is color coded according to management recommendations to accurately stage both diabetic retinopathy and macular edema in each eye. The scores follow the scale used in NIH clinical trials so they can be followed over time to see if disease is progressing.


OKLAHOMA CITY--( EON: Enhanced Online News )--German information technology company ifa Systems AG has signed a letter of intent expressing the terms in acquiring INOVEON Corporation ( The letter of intent, acknowledged by the INOVEON board of directors, indicates a closing date of September 15, 2010. INOVEON will join ifa Systems AG and collaborate on the joint mission to manage diabetic eye care worldwide. image

ifa Systems AG, based out of Cologne, Germany is the global leader for IT solutions in ophthalmology. They are continuing their rampant growth (used in 17 countries and holding more than 70 million patient data) by acquiring Oklahoma-based INOVEON Corp, which specializes in telemedicine related to diabetic eye care and treatment. This acquisition by ifa Systems AG will be used to broaden the product line and distribution structure of the group, and expand their international market share.

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