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Genes Help Determine How An Individual Benefits from Exercise

Posted Feb 05 2010 1:00am

We all know that exercise is good for usbut how it compareslet’s say you have 2 individuals doing the same amounttypesetc. of exercise.  From an appearance side of things I used to encounter that at the gym and years ago I used to say it was because of the genes.  You could see on individual just buffed and the next person right around the same ageweightetc. not get the same results.  image

Perhaps this is the next step to getting the right exercisea genomically based exercise routine?  We are not going to have much guess work at all soon it appearsbut the studies here are not done yet and more information needs to follow.  When we are all sequenced somedaywe can look forward to personalized workoutswe have those nowbut they too could become scientific and we may have several treadmills to choose frombased on which one meets our DNA criteria for the best results (grin). BD 

When you put in hours at the gymyou expect to get fitter. It turns outthat assumption doesn't hold true for everyone. A new study suggests specific genes may determineat least in parthow much we really benefit from exercise.

While "benefit from exercise" can mean plenty of thingsfrom slimming down to boosting one's ability to complete a marathonthe researchers specifically looked at what is called VO2 maxor aerobic capacity. This is a measure of how much blood your heart pumps and how much oxygen your muscles consume when they constrict tosaymove your legs on a treadmill.

Bottom lineVO2 max represents your endurance. And this studydetailed today in the Journal of Applied Physiologysuggests a group of 29 genes could potentially categorize individuals into lowmedium and high responders to exercise.

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