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Posted by debbyreed

Generics are generally developed after the patent protection on the drug is over. So, when a pharmaceutical company invents a drug, it is allowed to produce it for a few years. Other manufacturers are allowed to develop these medications at a lower price, once the patent period is passed, which depends from county to country. This is known as a generic drug and, by strict regulations enforced by the Federal Government, it has to have exactly the same formula and provide the same effect as the original brand name drug.


The drugs provided online are generally “Generic” medicines, i.e. medication which is a pharmaceutical equivalent to a branded medication product and has identical strength, dosage form, and concentration. These generic medications are procured from recognized drug manufacturers of reputed quality.


When you buy over-the-counter medicine or medicines without a prescription to treat minor ailments you can usually be sure that generic or own-brand medicines will be cheaper than their branded equivalents. As long as both medicines contain exactly the same active ingredients at the same strength (always check the packaging), the generic or own-brand medicine will ultimately have exactly the same effect as the branded one and thus could save you money.


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Genric medicines which are not manufactured by the company itself but manufactured by outsourceing to gain much profit are not of the same quality as the branded one. These medicines are of low quality and generally does not give good results.
Not necessarily.. If these medicines are procured from internationally acclaimed manufacturers like Glaxo Smith Kline, Ranbaxy etc, then the quality is something which cannot be doubted.
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