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Fujitsu Phone Announces Medical Data Cell Phone To Work with Electronic Medical Records-Secured Continua Certification

Posted Oct 07 2010 10:19pm

There are no visuals yet available but certification has been accomplished so standards and operation efficiency are met with Continua certification.  More information is to be released soon.  Recently announced Microsoft has also joined the collaboration efforts as a new member.  The link below has a bit of detail about how HealthVault connects with various devices too. image

Who knows someday we may not even use a cell phone for calls anymore <grin>, couldn’t help that one.  The phone will connect with both devices and web based software and have the capabilities of securely sharing information.  Now after you have read this far, Japan gets first crack at it and it will be called the Docomo Prime phone.  The image included here is not the actual phone but rather images of the Fujitsu Prime Series phones.  BD

Fujitsu is beginning to preview a new type of phone that allows users to collect and share their own medical data. The prototype device, which uses Bluetooth technology to let people share their data, has already been certified by one major health care organization.

At the CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) conference, which started Oct. 5 in Japan, Fujitsu unveiled the first prototype of this health care phone. The company also announced that the device has been certified by the Continua Health Alliance .

Once the medical data reaches the phone via Bluetooth, it can be sent to doctors and downloaded into EHR (electronic health record) applications on the handset.

Fujitsu said it will release more specific details of the phone when the commercial model arrives.

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