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From the TEPR Conference(Towards the Electronic Patient Record conference) – What’s the Future with Medical Records and TEPR

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:09pm

TEPR   is an annual convention held every year with a focus on electronic medical records for those who are not familiar with the convention.  Interesting comment below on how the future appears to be in the hands and direction of Google and Microsoft.  At the conference, everyone was focused on aggregating data and interoperability and they are not sure the conference will take place again next year as it has for years.  image

Sure there are two sides here, integrating hospitals and doctor’s offices, but also he Personal Health Care records enter boldly in to the overall solution, if in fact for no other reason, you have a source of healthcare records until the work of connecting everyone takes place and that will be some time to put all of this together.  BD

"It's the Googles and Microsofts who will change health care in the next few years. It will not be the HITSPs and HL7s," Waegemann said, referring to the regulatory groups that are developing standards for the health IT industry.

Personal Health Records (PHR), I don’t do technology said the CEO, “it’s for those guys over there”

In the past, physicians were keepers of all the patient records. Now patients can monitor and keep track of their own health using the same devices they use for other aspects of their lives. This evolving patient-physician relationship has sparked a renewed interest in the patient-centered medical home concept, of which many of these technologies are a crucial piece.

But while software vendor MedCommons has collaborated with both Microsoft and Google on their respective personal health record platforms, so far Google has declined Microsoft's offer to collaborate. Dr. Zieger later said that although no plans have been announced, Google is in talks with Microsoft about making their PHRs compatible.

The most compelling evidence of this change was in the conference's topics. There was less focus on stand-alone EMR systems, and there was a three-day track revolving solely around mobile health IT.

"Last year, I and another presenter were the only ones talking about mobile technology. Now that's all we're talking about," said Frank Avignone, PhD, director of business and sales development for AllOne Health, which developed a cell phone PHR platform that was unveiled at the 2008 TEPR conference.  Whether TEPR even will be held next year remains unclear, but the inaugural mHealth Initiative meeting has been set for December, and the organization plans to make it an annual event.

AMNews: March 2, 2009. Has tech's time arrived? (Towards the Electronic Patient Record conference) ... American Medical News

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