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Free Faxing Service – 3 Page Limit for Free and 2 Faxes a Day

Posted Aug 06 2009 10:34pm

Do you have an occasional need to send a fax?  With this service you can do just that with no charge.  From time to time I try to include some helpful software and websites and this is one of them.  I have included the FAQ below.  They also have a subscription service you can pay for.  If you are an occasional user and just need to send a fax from your computer instead of printing it first and then going to a fax machine, this service might prove helpful.  It is only good for faxes in the US and Canada.  This is an outgoing service only and does not provide an incoming fax number.  BD


Q: Do you add Ads to my fax?
A: NO. We do NOT add any Ads to your fax (neither free fax nor premium fax).
Q: Do you add word "" or logo to my fax?
A: NO. We do NOT add our logo or brand to your fax (neither free fax nor premium fax).
Q: Can I use my own fax cover page?
A: Yes. Our no-ad free fax cover page is optional. If you prefer to use your own fax cover page or not to use our fax cover page, you can always uncheck the "Use No Ad Free Cover Page" option in the Fax Content area.
Q: Do you support fax to international or off-shore destinations?
A: supports sending faxes to the US Continental 48 states, Canada and Hawaii only at this time. Alaska, off-shore and other international destinations are not supported.
Q: What document formats do you support?
A: We currently support PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Word 97-2003 (.doc), Word 2007 (.docx), and Rich Text (.rtf) file formats only.
Q: Do you support other file formats?

A: We don't support other file formats for upload at this moment. As an easy workaround, you may copy and paste content into our rich text editor and fax.
Q: How can I maximize the rich text editor?

A: You can click the "Full Screen Edit" button to enter or exit full screen edit mode.
Q: Is it safe to make online payment to
A: Yes. We use PayPal, a global leader in online payment, to handle all of our transactions. Your financial information is secured by PayPal. does not process or has access to your financial information.
Q: How does secure my fax data?
A: Data security is our topmost priority. Our servers are managed by certified engineers and are secured by Gateway Anti-Virus and Intrusion Prevention service. Plus, premium fax and prepaid fax are transferred over encrypted connections to further secure your fax data.
Q: How can you provide fax service for free?

A: Our free fax service is supported by advertising on our website and ads in the confirmation email. We do NOT add any ads to your fax.

Free Fax - FAQ

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