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Freakonomics Movie Trailer–Incentive Based Thinking Looking at Human Behavior With Good, Bad and Outright Stupid and Funny

Posted Aug 13 2010 4:31pm

This is high on my list to view and these folks do a good job explaining a lot of what we think is crazy, and maybe it is.  In doing this blog I see all kinds of stuff all over healthcare and there are good incentives, bad incentives and stupid ones too and I try my best to talk about how they play out in real life as “proof of concept” is no longer the real deciding factors.  These guys have been on ABC 20/20 with this guy below, who created the healthcare software program that Microsoft bought. 

I see a lot of what I call impossible carrots hanging out there in the wind with “non participants” in what they create scratching their heads wonder why don’t people like this or why don’t they get involved.  These folks do a good job of looking at things in the same way, like them a lot.

One example I talk about a lot is using cell phones to find FDA recalls,   I do my own inquiring and run a poll here and gee, most that get over themselves after image coming around to the fact that it is a good idea even though it was not theirs go nuts and love it.  Just heard about someone in the UK today that’s going to work on setting up healthcare program using Bar Codes-Microsoft Tags.  People love using their phones as scanners and best of all, it’s VALUE that can be seen immediately.  In the meantime I’ll keep up this campaign to hopefully get through some thick skulls here.  I don’t get anything for my time other than the fact of trying to suggest to others how to work and capitalize on where other see value and a good life saving tool and software. 

What is interesting too is that the video comes out in the ITunes store before it goes to the open theatre too, these guys are smart doing that and they are checking some value in the process!  They get it.  BD 

FREAKONOMICS is the highly anticipated film version of the phenomenally bestselling book about incentives-based thinking by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Like the book, the film examines human behavior with provocative and sometimes hilarious case studies, bringing together a dream team of filmmakers responsible for some of the most acclaimed and entertaining documentaries in recent years: Academy Award® winner Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Casino Jack and the United States of Money), Academy Award® nominees Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp), Academy Award® nominee Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), Eugene Jarecki (Why We Fight) and Seth Gordon (The King of Kong).
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