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Former President Bill Clinton Gets A New Stent – Interventional Heart Repair

Posted Feb 11 2010 8:22pm

From writing this blog I probably ended up knowing more about stents that I ever thought I would need to know and interventional procedures.  According to this video one stent needed to be replacedas sometimes they can movejar loose and collapse.  image

Know your stent!  Now everybody is going to laugh at that statement but there’s good reason for itask your doctor about the type of stent you are going to receive and what to expect.  Mr. Clinton also had a quadruple by pass a few years ago tooso he has gone the gambit with heart surgery to say the least.  Below is why you may want to ask about what type of stent you would be implanted with.  They are not all the same. 

How common is this type of procedurevery.  El Camino Hospital has 5 surgery rooms dedicated to interventional surgery.  The link has a video to learn more. 

In most instances with interventional procedures the patient can be up and around in a very short time.  The catheter goes up through a vein in your groin and the 3D imaging for accuracy just within the last year has improved tremendously.  I learned quit a bit in talking with Dr. Bart Muhs from Yale Medical Center.  He told me that sometimes he does full open heart surgery and other times the condition can be done interventionally.  With a full open heart surgery you are basically done once healed.  Not so with a stentyou need to return back to your doctor for check ups. 

Interview with Bart E. MuhsM.D.Yale School of Medicine – Aneurysm Repair Surgery

The stent business has even gone beyond the cardio area and stents are now placed in legs for people who suffer with PAD.  Did you know there is a test that can be done before any surgical procedure to check your body for blood clots?  Sounds like a good one to mebut all physicians may not perform this testask for it.  The folks at Cook Medical educated me to that fact during an interview last year relative to stents for PAD.  Almost in any cath lab you will find their Vena Cava stents all over the US.  When you are putting a stent in a leg it has to be tough and durable as legs moveversus a heart that is by comparison stationary. 

Cook Medical Interview Discussing PAD Leg Therapies– Rob LylesVP Peripheral Intervention Division

One other note worth a mention is that you also want a drug eluding stent as those are seeing a lot more success without having additional infections or rejection by the body.  They have a drug that is used for cancer that lasts for about 6 months or so to help the body during recovery .  BD

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