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Former AMA President speaks out ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:23pm

Former AMA President speaks out on reduction of Physician reimbursements...and what we need to do as patients to help the cause...BD 

Doctors are counting on baby boomers, that huge demographic lump closing in on retirement, to protest to lawmakers when they can't find a doctor who will take a patient on Medicare, the American Medical Association's past president said today. Dr. William G. Plested III, a California surgeon, said a self-selecting survey of doctors nationally found that 60 percent of doctors plan to limit the number of new Medicare patients they treat if planned cuts of 10 percent in Medicare reimbursement take effect Jan. 1.

But Congress won't make any changes unless patients protest, Plested said. "That's why I'm thrilled about the boomers, because they won't take no for an answer."

Local News | Doctors anticipate boomers will affect Medicare reform | Seattle Times Newspaper

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