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Foresight: melon may truce thunder less desire to conquer New York to take a third consecutive

Posted Mar 08 2013 2:42am
The Oklahoma city thunder team (44-16) has obtained two winning streak, tomorrow they will visit the New York knicks (37-21). Kevin durant and Russell - brook to rate impact team to win, they will continue to pursue the western leading the SAN Antonio spurs. The knicks could again without carmelo Anthony, they want to use for a third Cheap Lebron 9 consecutive home. During February 13-21, the thunder team encountered three-game skid, they lost 113.7 points, during the nearly six games their defense obviously improved, however, losing 95.2 points, allowing only about 40.8% of the shooting, they get five victories. "Defense is the key," thunder coach Brooks said, they only let the lakers had 16 points in the fourth quarter, the game shooting only 40.3%, the thunder team get two wins in a row, "we did it, all star after we have the opportunity, we have a highly efficient, need is a good defense." Thunder team currently ranked second in the western, they averaged 17.1 points of fast-break points leading alliance, weiss brooke and Kevin durant, the existence of their attacking is sharp. But two less averaging 6.7 turnovers are among the highest in the league duo, they have to better control Lebron 9 Shoes error. "Every game we are working hard, let oneself become better as far as possible," said brooke, during 5-1 he is averaging 32.2 points, 5.8 assists and 5.5 rebounds, "just make every right decision on the pitch." Tomorrow's thunder team need two little better play, they want to do more to help the team. , besides them, the barca and perkins to bring greater contribution to the defense in the paint, the barca attack also want to the two little support. Bench Martin is a stable vital spot, in addition to him, Jackson, collison will have good play. The knicks beat the Detroit pistons today, but they had a season-high 21 turnovers, but season averaging only 12.1 turnovers. And thunder teams, the knicks have to good control error, avoid too many fast break opportunity for the opposition. Knicks currently ranked second in the eastern, the pacers lead they half-court ball, in the absence of Anthony season 4-4. Right knee injured Anthony may continue tomorrow, when the knicks need other players Cheap Lebron X Shoes to stand up. "This is a sign of a real team, no matter who appeared in court, can someone stand out and lead the team into attack." Knicks coach woodson said. Anthony is averaging 28.2 points this season league second, if he continue a truce, amare stoudemire will try my best to make up for the melon in attack. Last two games, each scored 22 points, he in attack of great help to the team. Over the past six games amare is shooting 72.9%, averaging 17.3 points. Besides stoudemire, the knicks also need other players to contribute, especially for you and Smith, they will have good play in attack. Knicks at the west side has a 9-3, but in the nearly 10 times against the thunder team lost eight games, but when the thunder team the last night in New York knicks to a 112-98 victory. Past 11 away the thunder team have won only four, including two wins from the clippers. They now behind the spurs in the west is two and a half, to bridge the gap with the spurs, they will improve road Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes performance. Basketball said George mikan, 40 s, can do it "the ball is not touching the ground, by continuous running and upfield" - if you are in the middle school physical education, practiced to preach fast-break layups, will understand what is that game. So, old guards did: to turn around and cover the ball, watch his teammates cut, pass; Old-school strikers have done: the box, ball, roll over shoot.
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