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Fit2Fat2Fit Challenge From Drew Manning

Posted Nov 15 2011 11:23am

You may have heard about the personal trainer Drew Manning and his Fit2Fat2Fit Challenge.  This is an incredibly interesting story about a trainer who wants to connect with his clients on a deeper level and has put his health at risk to prove he is committed to helping America get healthier.  He’s been on Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, NPR and is appearing on the Dr. Oz show November 16th so check it out.  He really is very motivational.

Manning started his journey six months ago as a trainer in outstanding shape.  He decided to spend the next six months with an unrestricted diet and zero exercise.  This unfortunately replicates the lifestyle of so many Americans.  He gorged himself with whatever he felt like eating and even had food challenges along the way to see how much food his body could handle.  His health and energy deteriorated and it even affected his relationship with his wife and family.

The good news is that the first half of his experiment ended earlier this month and Manning is on the road to fitness once again.  He’s bringing America with him on his road to get back in shape.  On his website at, Manning is posting, in detail, his daily eating plans and workouts.  He has an option for women as well so no one is left out of this journey to health.  He’s keeping a fascinating blog, detailing the emotional toll this is taking on him and his family.  This is an exciting venture that I’ve been keeping tabs on over the last few weeks.  I can’t wait to see where the next 6 months takes him and the rest of America.  With 2/3 of Americans carrying extra weight, this is a great challenge.  At a healthier weight you could experience more energy, a longer life and even more affordable health insurance .

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