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First it was the Ties and now go the White Coats for Doctors

Posted Jun 16 2009 6:09pm 2 Comments

The actual language addresses coats, long sleeves and ties for healthcare workers when coming in contact with patients.  Do you know how often image some of those white coats get washed?  Ask if you are curious and chances are they do not end up washed daily.  The other culprit the tie, is in the same boat.  Recently on Oprah, Dr. Oz asked the question and made a good point, asking the doctor if he had ever washed his tie.  The AMA says by vote the coats need to go. 

We are now more than ever becoming aware with any clothing, medical devices, etc. that have the potential of spreading MRSA or any other types of infections or viruses.  Now on the same subject , here’s something from a recent post, the technology answer to washing hands, and it’s actually very cool. 

Real Time Monitoring of When you Washed your Hands – Don’t Touch that Patient Until You Have Washed Your Hands

All we need to do now is find money for the hospitals to purchase and use it the Hygreen product.  

Visit the link to see how the entire process works.  BD

The way the system operated with the bedside monitor, the patient will see the green light too, so they will know if you have washed your hands too.   If the green light doesn’t appear you get a reminder to stop and wash with your ID tag that will vibrate.  I can say this is better than a voice calling out.   This is a full on data trail of who and when hands have been washed.  Read below to see an example of the reporting functions.  If you missed a hand washing image

As we noted last week, AMA delegates holding their annual meeting were slated to vote on a recommendation that hospitals ban white coats in a bid to help protect patients from infection.

Well, the votes are in and the ban was approved. Delegates said they agreed that the risk of cuffs spreading infection between hospital patients isn’t worth the symbolism of the white coat.

AMA: the White Coats Are Going, the White Coats Are Going - Health Blog - WSJ

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Whoa! I concur with your post.  Very remarkable thinking.  Our school made a policy about donning an adar lab coats during laboratory ours.  Some of my classmates disagree with the said policy because they are after with the daily washing of their coats.  They become lazy washing their dress.  In contrary, the aspiring doctors should not be after with their laziness of washing clothes.  One of the advantages of wearing a white lab coat is to prevent the spreading of virus or bacteria.  And they look neat, professional and elegant with their suits.

Nowadays, white lab coats also known as doctor coats, are used by almost all professionals in the medical facility. Lab coats are used to protect their clothing and also avoid spreading germs. It is mandatory to wear a <a href="">meta lab coat</a> while you are at work, as medical facility environment also involves lot of mess and spills.
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