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First heart patients implanted with 3rd Generation mechanical heart pump - DuraHeart

Posted Jun 02 2009 10:47pm

The device helps the heart pump blood from the left ventricle to the aorta, increasing flow throughout the body. Previous research has shown the approach can help alleviate symptoms and improve survival.  With a shortage of hearts available for transplant the device can help extend lives and earlier this year I posted about the clinical trials of the DuraHeart which is now in it’s 3rd generation. 

When the heart can’t function and pump the blood, the device kicks in and takes over, it is called a left-ventricular assist device, or LVAD and the first devices came into play in the 80s.  BD

DuraHeart Implantable Pump – Beginning Clinical Trialsimage

Three patients at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center were among the first in the United States to be implanted with a next-generation artificial heart pump called the DuraHeart™ Left-Ventricular Assist System. The surgeries took place earlier this year. NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia is one of only three centers in the U.S. currently enrolling patients in a clinical trial studying the device.


The DuraHeart® LVAS helps the left ventricle pump oxygenated blood throughout the body. Since a failing heart cannot pump enough blood out to the body, the DuraHeart takes over the additional work.


When the pump is activated, the impeller position is precisely controlled by the electromagnetics and sensors to keep it centered within the blood chamber. Permanent magnets attract the impeller to the motor so when the motor spins, it causes the impeller to rotate and pump blood from the heart to the body.

First heart patients implanted with next-generatio n mechanical heart pump

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