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Finally Friday Three-Day-Weekend Edition

Posted May 27 2011 5:03am
What's better than a 3-day week-end, right? But first, the news
Is Medicare the new third rail that can't be touched for fear of political death ? I actually don't think so. People understand we need to make Medicare sustainable. We just don't want to do it at the cost of losing Medicare as we know it. The wonderful Jonathan Cohn explains here why all Medicare cuts are not created equal. Still, the GOP is standing firm on Ryan's plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program . They pledge to do better at messaging about their plan . And the Dems think it will be a huge boost in 2012 .

And a new study shows that it's not just Medicare that Americans want to maintain; it's also Medicaid .

The Congressional Budget Office says that defunding health reform would threaten Medicare Part D (drug benefit) and Medicare Advantage . Yet another reason not to defund health reform.

And over 600,000 young adults are insured today under health reform , which allows them to stay on their parents' policy to age 26.

The GOP also wants to allow insurers to sell across state lines . However, Dems and consumer advocates oppose this because it would mean losing state coverage mandates. For example, if Connecticut requires insurers to cover the first $1000 of ostomy supplies each year and New York doesn't, an interstate policy would lose that special Connecticut protection.

Huge advances in fighting AIDS have been made, but at a time of world-wide budget cutting, will the funding be there to help pay for the meds that can get this disease under control?

Peter Orszag, former OMB Director, says he regrets not including a productive plan for medical malpractice reform in the health reform law . He says there should be standards that, if met, mean a doctor can't be sued. But does this Connecticut family deserve a $58 million malpractice award for negligence in childbirth, leaving a child with cerebral palsy ?

Vermont's Governor signed their single payer health care law . It will take some time to implement, but finally, we will have an example of single payer in the United States. If it works, that may help us to advocate for expansion. Or maybe just move to Vermont.

Johns Hopkins receives $10 million to open patient safety institute . Sounds good.

Arizona wants smokers and obese people to pay a premium for Medicaid .

A new study questions treatment for heart disease , says raising "good" cholesterol by taking niacin doesn't improve heart health.

And that's today's news. Have a great day and a GREAT week-end. Jennifer
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