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FedEx bans cell phones at the workplace – When Is Device Manners Policy Going to be Ready to Use

Posted Jul 09 2009 4:45pm

Here’s one transportation company stepping up to the plate with banning cell phones at the work place.  UPS and other companies have already done the same.  We do hear the issue though of what if it is an emergency, then what, how do you reach someone.  We live in cellular phone worlds today and sometimes someone may not even have a work phone number to call in case of an emergency.  This is a bit of a toss up, but if cell phone use had not been abused, well we would not be at this crossroad.

This brings me around to mentioning one of my “favorite” Microsoft patented technologies and I hope this gets out there soon, the restricted cell phone zone, “device manners policy”.  This should be standard in every movie theater for that matter.  What makes this desirable is the fact that you can programmatically stop calls, cameras, etc and only allow text messages while in the “zone”, leave the zone and back to normal.  It could also serve to restrict everything, but by leaving open text messages it would prove to be an outlet for emergencies.  The wireless carriers would also need to cooperate with the project.  Just think of the possibilities and it sure makes it easier not to have to police and watch for cell phones.  BD

From a post back in June…Device Manners Policy from Microsoft

This is either the best or worst idea ever, depending on your point of view. Microsoft has patented what it calls a "device manners policy" (DMP), a wireless zone-enforced device protocol that allows local operators to turn certain features off (or on) based on local manner and safety policy.
Similar to how wireless service on planes can lock out voicebut allow data,Microsoft's DMP concept would allow local czars to enforce, for example, " no talking out loud" or "no photography" rules. Audio recording could be disabled at concerts, video recording killed at theaters, and ringers turned off at funerals. Of course, this all requires manufacturers to comply with the DMP protocol in their devices. In the end, we'd be looking at a pre-movie PSA that says "your phone is now being put on silent" rather than "please turn off your cell phone.


Indianapolis - A major Indianapolis employer is telling workers to leave cell phones in their cars. FedEx is joining a number of companies restricting or even banning cell phones on the job.

FedEx is prohibiting personal cell phones in the workplace. A thousand hourly employees at its Indianapolis transportation hub were told not to even bring their phones into the building, the company citing concerns for safety and security.

FedEx bans cell phones at work - WTHR | Indianapolis

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