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FDA Lays Off Senior Staff Members to Make Room for Younger People-Probationary Incompetence or the Opportunity to Resign

Posted Dec 06 2010 5:36pm

The article states that Beth Martino felt uncomfortable around those who know more than she does and wanted to be surrounded by more people closer to her age.  image Was it going to also cost more to keep those employees on the government health plan too?  That was worth throwing in there as that is alive and well in private industry as when one is “scored” for potential health problems, the older you are the greater your risk, no matter what your knowledge is, so at times the body counts more than brains.  Not knowing the specialists I cant comment any further other than the above speculations. 

All were over 50 that were given the opportunity to resign or a choice of being terminated  as probationary status and were incompetent.  The article below says similar motions are being carried through at other HHS agencies too, so how about Sebelius, is she too old to run the place? <grin>.  I do always talk about role models and their use of technology and between her and Joe Biden I can’t even find one picture on the internet with either one so much as sitting with a computer or holding a cell phone in times when images are so important on the web.  I feel uncomfortable with all those folks in Washington displaying a lack of digital consumer literacy,as you know I write about that fact all the time and it shows up in the news as a new OMG story.  BD

FDA Webview (paid) reports that the new Food & Drug Administration associate commissioner for external affairs, Beth Martino, 31, a former Kansas aide to HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius, has conducted a purge of senior specialists, all aged over 50, in her office and in the press office.

The abrupt removals were made to make room for younger people closer to Martino’s own age, the trade journal reports. ’She’s uncomfortable with people who know more than she does,’ a source told FDA Webview.

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