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FDA Concerned Over Cattle Feed – Please Don’t Feed Any More Chicken Feces to The Cows

Posted Nov 02 2009 10:01pm

I’m sure the cows might not mind have a bit less feces in their diet and the main reason for the concern is to not create and spread “Mad Cow” disease.  They also get some feathers added in there for variety.  I had no clue that cows were fed “s__”t from chickens and I learn something new image every day, no wonder they go crazy with such a tasty portion of their diet coming from the bottom side of the chickens.

McDonalds was not too happy to find out their beef east feces either.  The cattle raisers say the cows are doing fine and there’s no a problem with the feces being mixed in the litter.  If you read the last paragraph here of the post below, this has been going on for quite a number of years with barnyard critters eating feces, just not their own, if and this is true here, the chickens have been eating the pigs feces, so one good round of feces I guess feeds another:).  BD

A fight is brewing over the practice of feeding chicken feces and other poultry farm waste to cattle.
A coalition of food and consumer groups that includes Consumers Union and the Center for Science in the Public Interest has asked the Food and Drug Administration to ban the practice. McDonald's Corp., the nation's largest restaurant user of beef, also wants the FDA to prohibit the feeding of so-called poultry litter to cattle.
Members of the coalition are threatening to file a lawsuit or to push for federal legislation establishing such a ban if the FDA doesn't act to do so in the coming months.
Farmers feed 1 million to 2 million tons of poultry litter to their cattle annually, according to FDA estimates.

"In the old days when people had mixed farms, what came out the back end of the cows was eaten by pigs, and what came out the end of pigs was eaten by chickens. That was the natural way of farming," he said. "Anything that hit the ground was fair game."

FDA urged to ban feeding of chicken feces to cattle --

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