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Factors Should Be Considered in Design of Rotary Kiln

Posted Nov 24 2012 5:27am

From the practical engineering applications, the solid material is gradually heated, cooled, dried or reacted in the motion process along the inner shaft of the rotary kiln, which can be regarded as a chemical reaction process. The heating process can be considered as a special case of the chemical reaction process. When the materials move from the entrance to the exit of the rotary kiln, the operational conditions of the rotary kiln are different. The air in the free space moves with particles in downstream direction or in the countercurrent direction. Therefore, at any point along the direction of the shaft of the rotary kiln, we can get the boundary conditions about the two phrases.
The traditional ways used to study the mass transfer process of the materials in the rotary kiln often focuses the materials in the rotary kiln. Due to the different position of the materials on the inner shaft of the rotary kiln and the radial mixed nonuniformity, the research method has been very much restricted. In this article, the mass transfer model in the rotary is established based on new ways. The gas reaction and motion between the particles in the rotary kiln should be also considered. At this time, the air rotates with the rotation of the barrel of the rotary kiln together with the material particles. In the motion process, there will be gas-solid two phase reaction. A reaction model is used in this article to establish the model to guide the effective coefficient of the layer of the materials as the function of the rotating speed of the rotary, the filling rate of the rotary kiln and the reaction kinetics parameters.
From the perspective of the process industry applications, the design and operation of the rotary kiln should consider the following four important factors, namely the movement of the material in the rotary kiln, heat transfer, gas-solid mass transfer and reaction speed. In these four main factors, the heat transfer is one of the most important aspects. The reason is that the rate of the heat transfer determines the performance and the actual performance of the rotary kiln in the actual operation. Heat transfer is not only the limiting factor of the heating section of the rotary kiln, but also one of the limiting factors of the performance of the reaction area of the rotary kiln.

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