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ExpressMD Collaborates with Rotech Healthcare for TeleHealth Patient Monitoring–Electronic House Calls

Posted Aug 06 2010 9:04am

The electronic house call is an FDA 510k approved solution (medical device) to provide patient vital signs and software for a question and answer page to add more information.  It will assess and reassess (algorithms) those patients needing monitoring on a regular basis. image

Caregivers will receive alerts when patients with chronic illnesses are out of suitable ranges.  Providers can access information from a web based portal and mobile device and what is also interesting here is that “the payer can be set to be alerted” so along with notifying your doctor you can now have your insurance carrier chasing down the patient and collecting data for continued risk management assessments. 

If you don’t know what your treatment plans are as a provider, they include those options too, so we have a ton of information here once again and I’m not sure how providers would receive this as that is why many become doctors and go to medical school, a bit of satire here but come on with all the information floating around out there, I don’t want my provider completely dependent on a computer screen for everything because there is a very REAL HUMAN side to being a doctor that we need to not forget.  image

One more item that can be added here is again for the benefit of the payers is the Care Plan Oversight for reimbursement reporting so providers can automate this side of the patient plan and make sure you code it correctly before the medical claim goes for evaluation through a “fraud” algorithmic process smoother, or at least this appears to be the intention here

Rotech comes in here as a provider of respiratory equipment primarily and will work with national health plans aka insurance companies and set up the ExpressMD solution so if a patient is receiving oxygen or some other type of machine for respiratory services the portal here will monitor patients. 

Eventually this needs to be incorporated into a medical records system as the providers need one place to go and not multiple portals and software system to learn and I guess we will keep seeing this until someone writes the ultimate aggregated killer algorithm for all of this.  BD  

ExpressMD Solutions , a provider of remote patient monitoring systems and services for patients with chronic illnesses, has signed a non-exclusive national distribution agreement with Rotech Healthcare for the Electronic House Call remote patient monitoring solution.

Initially, Rotech will be providing ExpressMD's solution to chronically ill patients who have been referred by a national health plan. The health plan wants to reduce rehospitalisations for at risk patients as well as the severity of reoccurrences by having Rotech implement this innovative telehealth solution.


ExpressMD Solutions claimed that the Electronic House Call solution allows providers to remotely monitor the vital signs of their patients using the Web, make adjustments to patient care plans and intervene in a timely manner if their patients encounter any issues before they become an acute care incident.

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