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Ex-hospital CEO Speaks of reform effort – It Is Happening Fast!

Posted May 12 2009 3:59pm

This is a very heated topic to say the least.  We are the only country that does not have a fall back plan for those who cannot afford insurance, thus more than likely a “Default” plan run by the government is probably in the making, otherwise we continue along the same path, hospitals going image bankrupt and doctors not getting paid. 

When the economy was better, insurance companies brought in the big dollars, but is not that world today, and there has been no real plan offered other than the fact to make a few minor concessions.  They have huge amounts of money in reserves, even to the point where some states have questioned the “rainy day” funds.  We see more Venture Capital type of action with insurers investing in business intelligence software, some of which is needed I agree, but how far are the tools used before they cross the line and endanger patients by not providing the healthcare they need?

Read the link below and see what is happening in the world of risk management and technology and you might find some real surprises here. 

Congress Plans Incentives for Healthy Habits ,Wellness Programs, and Devices? How Potentially Intrusive and Disruptive Will It Get to Save Money?

Will these intelligence ventures tie everyone to an electronic device in real time with our healthcare information being evaluated outside the realms of our relationships with our doctors, sure looks like it is headed that way with the current plan of action.  

He is right in the fact that this is happening fast, however, the methodologies of implementation are not being addressed.   We seem to have forgotten the “education” portion of the process and in the meantime, greed for profits are disguised to represent better healthcare, when in fact the erosion of the patient/physician relationship continues to suffer.  

We hear everyone talk about education, but nobody’s doing anything or very little with healthcare and everything is revolving around cost and laws, which will be outdated as soon as the next round of technology hits the streets, so again, when creating a new healthcare plan, let’s not over look what is happening around us and focus on laws and money only, it’s an education process that needs to start at the top and flow all the way down.

It’s time to hopefully stamp out “Magpie Healthcare” and work on some real solutions that encompass the entire solution and not just cost.  

Do You Know What Your Doctor Is Talking About – Read up and help stamp out “Magpie Healthcare”

If you think technology is not a big portion of this, well think again and read up.  BD

WASHINGTON - The television ads that began airing last week feature horror stories from Canada and the United Kingdom: Patients who allegedly suffered long waits for surgeries, couldn't get the drugs they needed, or had to come to the United States for treatment.

"Before government rushes to overhaul health care, listen to those who already have government-run health care," intones Rick Scott, founder of a group called Conservatives for Patients' Rights. "Tell Congress to listen, too."

"Everybody wants to say I'm against Obama's plan, but I'm not necessarily," Scott said in an interview last week. "The bottom line is that this is happening fast, and there is not much of a debate going on about what will happen if we go down this path."

But in ads, media appearances and other venues, Scott argues that whatever effort Obama is likely to put forth, it will put the country on a slippery slope toward a bureaucratic, British-style national health service.

For the moment, Scott's campaign is a relatively independent operation, in part because major insurers, hospitals and other health-care providers have muted their criticism in hopes of shaping the outcome of a final reform package. The situation is remarkably different from that in the early 1990s, when the insurance industry bankrolled the "Harry and Louise" ads, which featured a fictional couple worrying about a nationalized health-care system.

"We are not Europe. We are not Canada," Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), who is leading the debate over a health-care plan as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said in a recent speech. "We need a uniquely American solution. It has to be a partnership of public and private players."

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Ex-hospital CEO battles reform effort - Washington Post-

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