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EMR and Other Major Health Innovations in New Zealand

Posted Feb 10 2011 12:43pm

The island country of New Zealand has been gaining global fame in recent years because of the various job opportunities that it provides to migrants. It has been hailed by the Global Peace Index in the year 2009 as one of the most peaceful countries in the world and ranks high in terms of international standards when it comes to lack of corruption, high economic freedom and high educational attainment among its populace. Tagged as a highly livable country there is no doubt that  this country  is equipped with  standardized means and  up-to-date technologies  not only in terms of its  industries but in terms of health care.

Advanced Information Technology through Electronic Health Information and EMR’s

The country ranks first in terms of advanced electronic health information among primary care physicians. It has also gained global acclaim for its deliberate use of electronic medical records (EMR) among its health institutions. Its use of information technology ranks among the highest in the world with EMR’s utilized to manage patients’ problem lists, perform electronic prescribing and order laboratory tests, among others. Its utilization of information technology has also been maximized to enable physicians to more effectively communicate with patients and allow them to schedule appointments.

The widespread use of EMR’s among health practitioners in New Zealand enable them to have the capacity of doing, among other things, the following:

  • Print medical  prescriptions
  • Manage medication lists
  • Perform clinical messaging
  • Access external decision support programs
  • Access patient’s medical records from outside the office

Other Related Developments In Line With Standardized EMR’s And Information Technology

The country prides itself with the fact that all of its primary care providers as well as health institutions, specialists and midwives utilize HL7 messaging to communicate with each other through secure Internet connections or virtual private network. Some of the messages transmitted include, among others the following:

  • Pathology and radiology results
  • Referrals
  • Discharge summaries
  • Electronic claims for services  performed

Also, it is noteworthy to mention that almost 92% of New Zealand patients receive reminder notices when it is time for regular preventive or follow up check-ups. This is undeniably admirable and ranks much higher as compared to other countries.

Breakthrough Innovations with Orion Health

Orion Health, one of the acclaimed health technology companies of New Zealand has also been widely acknowledged for some of the innovations in health care in the country. It has been acknowledged as a leading provider of clinical workflow as well as integration technology within the health care sector. Its software   provides the following advantages:

  • Helps streamline information flows within facilities, between organizations and across regions
  • Improves care delivery through secured sharing of data

The Clinical  Portal And Rhapsody Integration Engine provide health care practitioners substantial access to  patients’ data  and the  company has able back up  and  partnerships with  totally well-acclaimed  technology leaders such as Oracle and Philips.

CapPlan Software: Leading the way for high-standard patient care

Another major innovation in New Zealand’s health care and health technology is the CapPlan Software developed by Emendo Limited.  Just some of the features of the said software are the following:

  • Accurately match resources with demand for services
  • Enable staff to deliver excellent standards of care
  • Forecasts  patient workloads in advance with accuracy
  • Allows hospital staffs to match staffing and capacity needs
  • Reduced length of patient stay
  • Increase data quality and reliability of information

Due to its high-efficiency results CapPlan Software was awarded the ‘adopt, adapt and improve category’ prize during UK’s national health and social care awards in 2009. This is a clear indication of the varied benefits that the software has brought about in the country’s health care department.

Sector Collaborations to Further Health Care Innovations

Collaborations between the health sector and medical technology companies are inherent in New Zealand and the cooperation and unification among professionals of various fields is an admirable trait in this country.   Just some of the sector collaborations are as follows:

  1. Collaboration with Precept Health, a software company in the country which specialize development of medical software systems for intensive care units (ICU’s) among others with a flagship product called ICU Care. The features of ICU Care are as follows:
  • Incorporates unit administration
  • Point of care  and automatic medical device integration  functions
  • Empowers clinicians to improve  patient outcomes
  1. Collaboration with Safer Sleep  Company  in the  utilization of  a SaferSleep System

The features of the SaferSleep system are as follows:

  • Provides anesthesia safety  and electronic record solution for  hospitals and ambulatory surgical facilities
  • Reduce incidents of bolus to bolus  drug error by more than 35%  with the aid of bar technology, touch screen controls and  workroom organizational tools

Also, don’t forget Dr. Catherine Mohr is from New Zealand.  She is the chief physician engineer creator of the Da Vinci robotic system.

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