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Emerging Biotechnology Trends

Posted Apr 04 2011 1:32pm

Biotechnology plays a very vital role in our lives and in our daily affairs. It is referred as a field of biology that requires the use of living organisms and it’s by products for modifications of the human health and environment. It draws mainly from the biological sciences such as cell biology, genetics and microbiology although most of the time it also draws its methods from non-biological areas such as chemical engineering and information technology.

Major Applications of Biotechnology

Just some of the industrial areas where major applications of Biotechnology are highly evident are:

  • Health Care ( Medical field)
  • Crop Production and Agriculture
  • Non-food (industrial uses) of crops and products such as biofuels and  biodegradable plastic
  • Environmental uses

Biotechnology Applications in Medicine

The importance of biotechnology in enriching human life is undeniable and covers a very wide scope of coverage and processes. With the modernization and  onset of  more advanced technologies  there are a continuous need for  more product discoveries and  revision and  modification  of  previous  products.  One major field where Biotechnology has  varied applications is in  Medicine most specifically in these areas:

  • Drug Production
  • Pharmacogenomics – this area results to the following benefits:
  • Development of tailor made medicines
  • More accurate methods of determining  appropriate drug dosages
  • Improvements in drug discovery and  approval process
  • Better vaccines
  • Gene Therapy
  • Genetic testing – this is highly substantial  in detecting genetic diseases such as Down Syndrome by harnessing techniques in molecular biology


Biotechnology Advances and Developments in Agriculture

While there is a growing demand for more beneficial products  and services  it should be stressed how Biotechnology has  brought about  vital changes in recent years. One such area which has benefitted most is Agriculture which is equally important in human survival and sustenance. Just some of the advances and developments made in recent years are the following:

  • Ability to increase crop yield –  by  applying Biotechnology among various crop varieties  in order to come up with better crop yield
  • Reduced vulnerability of crops to environmental stresses – one of the latest developments in this area is in the identification of a plant gene A+ DBF2 for plant research to carry out tests leading to this objective.
  • Increased nutritional qualities of food  - one classic example is the development of the Golden rice initiated by  Prof. Potrykus and Peter Beyer
  • Improved taste, texture and appearance of food – examples are the development of modified soybeans and a tomato variety transformed to delay its ripening. Delayed ripening of papaya is also currently undertaken among researchers in some Asian countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam in collaboration with the University of Nottingham and Zeneca.
  • Ongoing biotechnology techniques in cheese production and in bread to make it stay fresh longer.
  • Reduced dependence on  fertilizers, pesticides and  other agrochemicals
  • Production of novel substances in crop plants other than for food- a classic example is the discovery that oilseed can be modified to produce fatty acids for detergents.

Emerging Trends in Biotechnology

Much is still to be achieved by human minds when it comes to biotechnology advances despite the continuous efforts made by researchers and biotech experts from all over the world. Health care and the medical field, while experiencing rapid breakthroughs in recent years towards better products and treatment of diseases; is still grappling with a wave of problems. This may be due in part to the rapid population explosion in most countries all over the world owing to the still premature delivery and application of most   biotech innovations.

Nevertheless, emerging trends in Biotechnology have been observed and clearly noted in recent years. One such trend is the trend in partnering and acquisition deals. This is more aptly applicable when it comes to the business perspective towards the delivery and realization of more up to date by-products.

The trend was brought about by pressing issues and problems faced by biotech companies in recent years. One such problem is in attracting capital with propositions that demand high investments.   This is by far only attainable by partnering with business teams to manage portfolios and help leverage biotech companies through licensing deals towards the advancement of commercial revenue.

Alliances, so to say, has been noted in between biotech companies and  pharma companies  which are creating unions and  a strong bond towards a more unified  effort  to bring about more effective advancements.

Other Noteworthy Emerging Trends and Developments in Biotechnology

  • Biotechnology in  the production of food stuff and  nutritional  products
  • Industrial processes and environmental management such as the use of biofuels

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