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EM Lightbox: ACL rupture

Posted May 10 2010 12:00am

The X-ray above shows two of the most common plain films signs of ACL rupture
  • Avulsion of the lateral tibial plateau
  • Avulsion of the anterior tibial spine
The lateral tibial plateau avulsion, or Segond Fragment, is seen in greater than 75% of ACL tears. It has been shown to result from varus stress on the knee with internal rotation of the tibia, causing avulsion of bone at the insertion of the lateral joint capsule. Avulsion of the anterior tibial spine results from excessive tension on the ACL is usually accompanies rupture.

In acute knee trauma with pain and swelling, it is often difficult for emergency physicians to perform ligamentous examinations. These plain film hints can aid in the early diagnosis and prompt follow-up of ACL injuries.

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This "EM Lightbox" case was authored by guest blogger, Dr. Eric Silman.
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