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Election Is Done-Future for Healthcare Needs Role Models And Hopefully Not A Return to the Era of 8 Track Tapes and Old Paradigm

Posted Nov 03 2010 8:51am

This is going to be a challenge for sure this year and whether or not I am in agreement doesn’t make any difference at this point, but rather will we be able to see a group of of leaders who can actually work together and leave the 70s behind.  We talk about better laws, better consumer protections all the time and there have been some monumental laws put into place in the last couple of years, working with what has been created to this point, and again I reflect back to the point to where we have been left out in the cold with any real role models out there with being a”participant” and the ever strong paradigm of “its for those guys over there”. 

HHS National Plan to Improve Health Literacy – Not Going To Happen Until We Focus on Using Technology (The Tool for Literacy) Which Includes Role Models at HHS And Other Places in Government

In California we had one example of a Congressman who didn’t think safety as one example applied to him with cell phone use, so again interesting as an observer and maybe a little less focus in the self interest world on the map for the future?  

US Congressional Representative Gets Pulled Over for Using a Cell Phone While Driving And Was Live on the Air Doing Radio Interview

When our leaders become participants, they attain a higher level of credibility, in other words, a public that has some faith in what they say and do and hopefully we can see some change here in the future. 

HHS To Conduct Study on Patient Perception on Health IT – Got A Better Idea Why Don’t They Become E-patients Role Models, and Participants – Make IT Personal and Believable

I watched and listened to some of the comments being made and one from Robert Scoble I found was interesting and right to the point on Twitter, as he said he was watching the geeks all talk politics and wondered if the political folks ever sat around and talked “code”.  They should as that is what is the foundation of every law and system put in place today and you need some awareness here in order to create effective and good laws.  I absolutely shudder when I see items as such with leaders not being able to lock down their own personal wireless networks at home or at least get someone like the Geek Squad to do it for them.  A friend made a comment on this item and said “gee that’s almost like going outside without your pants on”.

Members of Congress Not Locking Down Their Home Wireless Networks with Passwords Now Angered At Google For Snooping with Street Views?

Michael Moore also made some interesting commentaries too which I have alluded to here on the blog in the fact that the “youth”movement has been lost too.  It was all the geeks and those who became excited 2 years ago with the prospect of leaders that would come out of denial and realize that technology is changing the world and he says that has somehow been lost, and I agree with that.  We didn’t have a “smarter” campaign this time at all, but rather back to the same old same old and a bunch of new faces to see if they can make a difference. 

I hope the GOP mission will perhaps soften a bit and we will see more of a willingness to pull together as it was exposed earlier this year that their mission written in pdf format exposed the actual authors who are staff members and former big time lobbyists.  This is nothing in hiding and is public and published information out there on the web and again hopefully some may learn up here and realize that technology and denial there of will be the downfall of many in the US, not to mention the lack of a contemporary direction needed. 

I certainly hope that we see some higher levels of education with the world today from all our leaders, non partisan comment here as we see the lack from both sides. 

Perhaps we could see some additional “Algo Men” in use with Congress too instead of lobbyists commanding so much power and influence.  If you look around, those with all the money and control, the banks, insurance companies, and so on, have all the money, and they did it with mathematical formulas as that is what re-distributed the money in the US over the last decade.  General accounting office is a great help but they are “accounting” and end up giving us the results of the algorithms that run today in government.  Again, it is what it is. 

If you have problems understanding this concept, here’s a new book that might unlock some answers as to what has occurred.  There are algorithms written for accurate results and some written for desired results and the two are not always the same.  When it comes to knowledge, we are citizens and small businesses are waging war with using swords and daggers, while the other side has the latest up to date machine gun technology and algorithmic formulas, so it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out who wins on that account.  The term “proofiness” by the way was coined by Steven Colbert, remember from the rally this last weekend.  Those folks are smart and more than just comedians and see the light. 

“Proofiness–The Dark Side of Mathematical Deception”–Created by Those Algorithms–New Book Coming Out Soon  

Software and applications = a group of algorithms

If one lives in the 70s and can’t become a participant and come out of tech denial, then we are in for another 2 years of crappy stuff without the technology to back up what politicians say they can do and ethics will continue on the downward slide we see today, as if you don’t acknowledge something exists, how can you deal with it or fix it?   There are some entities of government that “get it” and perhaps this intelligence will eventually roll over to the political side, I hope.   The Senate earlier this year decided not to approve funding for Cloud operations, again a kick back to those living in the 70s and a clear lack of where technology is today and how the world interfaces with it, back to the 8 track mentality on this stage of technology and geeks all over the web knew it and wrote the same context I have on that one

It’s not Superman, Spiderman or even Wonder Woman that creates solutions and become our heroes, it’s the “Algo Men” with all the data, algorithms and wisdom for innovation and we will soon find out if we have elected officials who are smart enough to figure this out.  The tech folks can no longer rush in and “fix” every system without up front planning done ahead of time, a big change in paradigms with technology I the last couple of years.

This is my 2 cents worth for today and I guess time will tell and show us where our leaders stand today and in the future.  BD

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