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Drug Implant at Alcohol Detox Centers Helping Individuals Fight Alcohol Addiction – Eastern Europe Detox Facility

Posted Jun 01 2010 12:18pm

Disulfiram is the name of the drug that gets implanted under the skin around the stomach abdominal area that will make the person very sick if they try to drink again image after going through the rehabilitation process.  The drug has been used to help those overcome drinking problems with taking oral medications but if the patients are not compliant and take the pills, then they can drink and thus the idea of the medication implant was devised.  

It states that if you drink you could get a severe hang over as well as nausea, vomiting, headache, confusion and circulatory collapse, the latter being one of concern.  The longer the drug is taken, the stronger it gets and patients who go through the process need to know what the intentional side effects are.  The detox process here coupled along with the drug implant cut down the amount of time needed to recover it states.  The clinic is located in Riga, Latvia in the Baltic States in Eastern Europe. 

Apparently the side effects have actually caused a fatality or two with exceptional cases.  General anesthesia is used to place the 8-10 pellets in place in the abdominal wall.  The drug works by blocking the receptors in your brain so you no longer feel the need to drink and creating an adverse reaction if you do. 

The rehab process takes 4-5 days with a stay at the clinic.  They also recommend therapy groups and AA such communities for support after the process is image completed.  I guess this stands to be a big alternative though as people do drink themselves to death too, so one with a problem might see this as a solution.  It appears that anything including mouthwash that has alcohol is off limits here too.  BD   

A Sunderland-based company is sending alcoholics to Latvia for The Code - a five-day last-ditch treatment which can have deadly consequences. The Code, which costs £2,800, includes three days of sedated detox to remove all alcohol from the patient's system.  Then an implant of disulfiram - a drug  that reacts violently to alcohol - is inserted in the body under local anesthetic.  This implant will release the disulfiram around the body for over a year.

Patients have to be so careful after having the implant, they cannot even eat chocolate liqueurs or use mouthwash that contains alcohol without risks. Providing The Code to desperate Brits was the idea of former alcoholics Russell Hughes, 45, and Darya Dyagel, 33.


"Most private clinics want patients to stay for at least four weeks, which costs between £5,000 and £10,000. "We have had interest from the large banks and law firms - who find a lot of their staff suffer with alcohol problems - and even the MoD," says Russell.


"So when Darya's mother told us about the implant available in Eastern Europe, I knew it was just what we, and other alcoholics in the UK, needed." The couple have now been running Aluston Health for six months, and claim they have major national companies interested in making the treatment available for their staff.

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