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Dr. Mehmet Oz – Does Not Care Which Plan We Pick – Says They all Won’t Work and the True Answer is Lifestyle

Posted Aug 25 2009 10:28pm

He states that true healthcare reform does not happen in Washington, instead it begins at home.  He says the solution is for himself or others to image make it almost impossible “not” to do healthy things.  He states we over eat because we have made it “easy” to over eat.  I agree but we still do need the avenue to pay for care as needed. 

Dr. Oz Talks About Healthcare Reform with a “Clinical” and “Smart Patient” View

In the video he is removing a heart valve that is no longer working as it is full of calcium deposits.   He would like us to put him out of business, in other words take better care of ourselves to cut down the number of surgeries he does that are created by lifestyles.  He’s an amazing person who operates 300 times a year, makes personal appearance and soon to have his own show and great passion always.  BD 

Oz is on a mission to inspire Americans to get healthy so he never needs to treat them.

Oz gave Diane Sawyer a rare look inside the operating room at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia Medical Center to see just what happens during open heart surgery. 

"In every case, every single operation, there is one moment where the patient could die," he said. "I don't remember ever in my whole life not having that be part of an operation. It's not that I think it's going to happen, but I realize if I go left rather than go right, we'll have a catastrophe."

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