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Doctor pensions - stick it to Lansley!

Posted Jun 10 2012 4:20am

Whatever you think of doctors, if you believe in fairness then you should sign this E-petition .  Doctors do not expect special treatment, all they want is fairness, and the fact that government are unilaterally forcing doctors to pay far greater percentages of their income into their pensions than other workers in the public sector is grossly unfair, there is no credible argument against this I'm afraid.

Unfortunately large sections of the media have swallowed up a lot of Lansley and the DoH's lies.  Well, if Lansley and the DoH think doctors should be forced to pay 14.5% of their incomes into their pensions , then Lansley and his DoH cronies should also pay the same amount.  Currently MPs like Lansley, civil servants like those at the DoH, teachers, judges and many other public sector workers pay nowhere near the 14.5% that is being unfairly forced on doctors.

Please sign the E-Petition, post it on Twitter and Facebook, let's help force Lansley and his cronies to pay the same as doctors, let's see if they are happy to eat their own pudding.  I doubt it.
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