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Doctor in Newport Beach, California Gunned Down and Killed in Examining Room by 75 Year Old Patient

Posted Jan 29 2013 1:31pm

This is not too far from me, next beach city south.  The man imagedoing the shooting was a senior at 75 years old.  The doctor was a urologist.  The patient did the shooting right in the exam room.  He lived in Lake Elsinore so he had a bit of a drive to Newport Beach to see the doctor.  Police have no motive yet and are searching his home.  From what I see here in the video this appears to be the new Hoag facility outpatient area on Superior.   
Other news accounts said the patient who shot the doctor may not have had a long time to live and again that has not been verified.  You know we keep hearing today about people being dissatisfied with medical care and even the AMA reminding doctors just a month ago  that the patient comes first and I truly hope none of that was the case here at all.  I know in Newport hearing from MDs I know that their turmoil with all the insurance interests owning doctors groups and management companies has made it difficult to administratively function at times with their practices, with not knowing what is coming next and from where with complex contracts, billing and so forth as the algorithms come and rip payments away when someone does an audit, etc. 

I guess we will hear more as the story develops as far as what the motive could have been and with the patient age I would guess he was either Medicare or Medicare Part D and hopefully it’s not a case of frustration with not being able to get care he may have needed due to money.  BD 

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