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Do You Know What a PHR is? Heck No, Do I Need to Know - Video worth 1000 Words

Posted Jan 06 2010 3:53pm

This is too good and someone beat me to the punch as I have wanted to do the same thing to prove a point, nobody knows!  Worst yet is that nobody knows enough about PHRs yet to care and know why they should care!  I walk into doctors offices with MDs and medical staff members that have no clue so this goes beyond the person on the street. 

The Medical Quack: One Hell of a Training Program Needed

I have ranted about education so many times and how when you put a PHR on the web, they just don’t come, education needed desperately and we could start with members of Congress engaging in a PHR for that matter to hopefully have some role models and besides that it may win some real support and kudos for all of them, not to mention some better outcome results.  Great video and shows right up front what is wrong with this picture.  Here’s one person who can tell you the value:

The Medical Quack: What's an E-Patient – Ask Dave And Find Out

Magpie Healthcare survives unfortunately.  BD 

Help stamp out "Magpie Healthcare"

Healthy Living: What is a Personal Health Record?

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