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Disco turned out to be dangerous ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:22pm

Disco turned out to be dangerous for the disco dancing during procedures...will be in the code of ethics soon...BD 

So this report leaped out at The Lede today: According to a lawsuit filed by a patient, when a dentist in Syracuse, N.Y, started dancing to a disco song on the radio during a dental procedure, he slipped and broke off an inch-long drill bit that penetrated through the molar he was working on and up into her sinus near her eye, necessitating a quick trip to the emergency room, surgery and three days in the hospital.

News reports on the case say the dentist isn’t talking about it, so we have only the plaintiff’s version so far. But according to her lawsuit, the dentist was a bit cavalier about the broken bit at first, and tried to fish it out of her head with a hook tool, only to wind up pushing it further out of reach. He then (the patient asserts) suggested that she could simply sneeze it out — which doctors at the hospital later said could have cost her the sight in her eye — before finally deciding that maybe, all things considered, she really ought to maybe head for the E.R. after all.

The Strange Case of the Dancing Dentist - The Lede - Breaking News - New York Times Blog

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