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Development Direction of Dupry Process of Rotary Kiln

Posted Oct 22 2012 1:13am

Roughly speaking, the dupry process of the rotary kiln has got great development in the past five years. The development of the dupry process of the rotary kiln has changed the situation of low working efficiency and high production cost. The dupry process of the rotary kiln has been in the industry on a firm pace, which is capable of producing hundreds of tons of industrial production. According to the situation based on the past few years, you can see the following characteristics.
First, the dupry process of the rotary kiln is developing towards large scale. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has put into the large rotary whose diameter is 6 meters and length is 70 meters with a chain grate of 250 meters. The annual output is 350,000 tons. After that, another plant put the large rotary kiln whose diameter is 60 meters and length is 125 meters into operation. The annual production capacity has reached 400,000 tons. The design capacity has reached 83%.
Second, due to the needs of the dust for the large steel plant, the rotary kiln is successfully used in the pre-reduction of the blast furnace, which has become the auxiliary means of production of the blast furnace.
Third, the rotary kiln law continues to be improved. After years of research, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has designed a new generation of rotary kiln which can be used by the combination of the gaseous reducing agent and the solid liquid gas reducing agent.
Forth, the rotary kiln used for processing the titanomagnetite has been designed. The waste gas from the rotary kiln is introduced to the air through the back combustor for full fully burn so that the iron and the ash with large particles can sink. The gas after burn is cooled by the cooling tower with the high-pressure water spray to 285 ° C. When the production reached 83%, the design capacity and exhausting fan capacity has reached saturation. At present, the experts are studying the ways to reduce the consumption. The purpose of the automatic control of the kiln is to study the control system of the kiln to ensure that the automatic control is easy to be achieved.

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