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Derivation for Model of Inactive Layer of Rotary Kiln

Posted Nov 27 2012 5:59am

When the material particles roll down to the lower part of the bed layer into the inactive layer from the active layer, part of the gas is coerced between the particles into the inactive layer. Then the gas and the material particles move the circle movement together with the material particles in the inactive layer. In this process, there are continuous reaction between the gas and the particles. In this article, the experts of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery regard the concentration of the air as the object for inspection and they try to derivate the volume flow of the gas and the reaction rate of the gas-solid reaction.
Although both the thickness of the active layer in the actual rotary kiln and the moving speed of the particles are the limited values, in order to simplify the model, we should assume that the thickness of the active layer is infinitely thin. According to the mass balance law, the moving speed of the infinitely particles in the active layer are infinitely large. According to this hypothesis, the residence time of the gas in the active layer is almost zero. As a result, the mass transfer in the active layer can be negligible. Although there is discrepancy between this assumption and the actual situation, the calculation for the volume flow of the gas and the reaction rate will not be affected in the actual operation. The gas in the gap of the material particles does the circle movement with the particles. They will not do the curve movement in the inactive layer whose shape is the same as the shape of the rotary kiln until they leave the inactive layer and go back to the surface of the bed layer again. In order to facilitate the analysis, the surface of the bed layer of the rotary kiln is expressed as level.
The derivation for model of the inactive layer of the rotary kiln is very important for the research on the rotary kiln. The derivation may help us to better use the rotary kiln and greatly improve the working efficiency of the rotary kiln.

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