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DePuy ASR Implant Patient Discusses Her Surgeries with the ASR Hip Replacements

Posted Dec 01 2010 10:32pm

Here’s a report on a patient that is looking at her 4th hip implant and a bit of history on the investigation as far as to how the implant was approved and if the failures image should have been brought to light sooner. As timing would have it, Kaiser Permanente put out a press release today about their “registry”program that is helping find failure rates and problems by using their electronic medical records program in combination and I think this is good idea that all should follow as the sooner you catch problems anywhere, you can immediately start repairs, replacements or whatever for a better outcome. 

The DePuy knee and hip systems have had their share of news coverage of late and now an official recall is on.  Your doctor could even be offered money for copies of your medical records.

Now Johnson and Johnson is asking patients to take a blood test to see if any part of the particles from the implant are in the blood stream to check for cobalt.  This report also shows that the FDA cleared the device to go to market without clinical trials and used a clause that it was “similar” to devices that have already been tested.  The failure rate keeps climbing year after year and the one patient in the video is nervous as she’s now needing a 3rd implant.  The only attorney makes a statement that he’s afraid many patients may end up in wheelchairs due to the particles and inflammation along with the over all failure. 

A Johnson & Johnson subsidiary has recalled a metal hip implant used by thousands of younger patients after complaints of severe pain and system failure, and amid worries that the implants may be sending metal shavings into patients' bloodstreams, potentially putting them at risk for dementia and heart failure.

Experts say, however, that if a surgeon doesn't get the cup inserted at just the right angle, the two parts can rub against each other. That can cause severe pain, and metal particles may shave off and get into the patient's tissue and bloodstream.

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