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Dental Implants Using Body’s Own Stem Cells To Grow Them – Regenerative Dentistry In the Works

Posted May 28 2010 6:05pm

Ok put me at the head of the line for this.  I have gone through and have dental implants so I know the drill here and what makes this even more fascinating is the fact that the tooth can be grown inside the empty tooth socket, this is amazing.  I have done several interviews with Cook Medical, one of the companies who is in the regenerative medicine business and we talked about how the scaffolds are built.  image

Regenerative Medicine and How it Works – Interview with Cook Biotech (Medical)

There’s a clinical trial in Australia that started with women being able to regrow their own breast too with stem cells.  It’s amazing how fast and powerful this technology is today. 

Regenerative Medicine: Clinical Trial To Begin with Women in Australia Using Stem Cells To ReGrow Breasts – Has Been Successful with Pigs

I am guessing though you need good tooth stem cells?  Maybe that’s a dumb question but I am curious as to how this would work with individuals like myself that were dealt a bad deck of “tooth genes”.  BD 

Conventional dental implants are typically screwed into the patient’s jaw bone, require visits to several types of clinicians, take two to six months to heal, and are still subject to failure. Not exactly an ideal solution to missing teeth. A professor of dental medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, however, has devised a technique wherein implants could be grown in the empty tooth socket, right inside the patient’s mouth.

Dr. Jeremy Mao started with a tooth-shaped scaffold made of microchannelled natural materials, infused with a growth factor. In an animal-model study, he placed that structure in a recipient’s empty tooth socket, then caused their stem cells to home (migrate) onto the scaffold. It resulted not only in the growth of a new tooth-like structure, but also in the regeneration of periodontal ligaments and the formation of new alveolar bone.

Dental implants could be grown inside patients' mouths

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