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Deep Brain Stimulation for Dystonia and Parkinson’s Disease and More?

Posted Feb 21 2009 10:29pm

This is an amazing new area and there are real success stories.  We all do wonder though where will the future lie with this technology.  After watching what DBS does for Parkinson's and Dystonia, it’s a miracle.  There are also more videos on You Tube that show individuals turning off the device and they immediately revert back to where they were before the device was implanted too, so with Parkinson's and Dystonia cases where more than just a small portion of the body is affected, these devices have truly given many a new quality of life. 

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For an in depth look at what Deep Brain Stimulation can do, use this link to watch a study case from UCLA, amazing stuff as she couldn’t even walk.

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Just this week though it seems Deep Brain Stimulation has now crossed into a new area, in other words the implant is being used to treat a “mental disorder” only and not something that has any physical issues connected, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.     This type of therapy I think is where most, and myself included question where is neurology headed with the technology to a degree.  There have also been clinical trials with using the technology to with depression as well.  Again, most though are not suggesting this as a first treatment, but rather one that can be used when other treatment plans, such as drugs are not working.  Do we all have a little Obsessive Compulsive disorder in all of I might ask?  

FDA OKs deep brain stimulation for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Medtronic

Here are a few related links involving implants and their treatment plans, an implant could help one lose weight or deal with depression so how close are we getting with relying on chips to help us through difficult situations? 

Trick brain and turn appetite off – Implanted Device could be an alternative to bariatric surgery in time…

Pacemakers for the Brain - Depression Treatment...

In addition to permanent implants though, there is another line of brain science and technology that can be used as an alternative.  This treatment plan states you can be treated on your lunch hour, no implant required for depression, transcranial magnetic stimulation, so you can be zapped with a 30-35 minute treatment too with no invasive surgery.

FDA Clears Neurostar® TMS Therapy For The Treatment Of Depression

Brainsway gets FDA nod for device trial – Another Device for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation






Neurosurgery and brain stimulation, definitely a subject to read up on today and keep on top of what’s happening for sure.  BD 

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