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David Koch Institute For Integrative Cancer Opened at MIT-Better to Invest and Donate to Healthcare Research Than Politics

Posted Mar 10 2011 4:25pm

This is an interesting article here where by David Koch talks about the new center at MIT and then somewhat laughs about the phone call and states himself image that he didn’t even know the governor’s name until all of this started.  Donating to cancer research certainly is a much more admirable gesture today by all means.  Mr. Koch and his brother are the fifth richest individuals in the US and made their money the old fashioned way, the inherited it.  You don’t get your name on a health institute without contributing a lot of money. 

The new center at MIT just opened on March 4th.  Below is the address from David Koch and he talks about his prostate cancer treatment.  We just need to make sure this treatment is available for all though.  He talks about the success of his treatment being due to both radiation treatment and a drug from Johnson and Johnson called abiraterone, which J and J bought when they acquired Cougar biotech in the Los Angeles area.  As far as I know the drug is still in trials stage 3. 


Right now David Koch and his brother have not decided how to spend money on the 2012 election.  I could answer that, give it all to research and let everyone fend for themselves with political contributions.  As citizens, we like that better anyway and especially after Wisconsin, it would not be a bad idea.  David Koch was diagnosed in 1992 with prostate cancer and received treatment and was originally told he didn’t have long to live so obviously he heart I would guess is going to be extended into this area of research as many others have done when it touches you personally.  Over $200 million has gone to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.  Let’s hope the family stays with their generous research and development contributions and hope they forget politics.  BD 

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — More than a thousand miles from the labor tumult in Wisconsin — where his name shows up on the signs of protesters and a liberal blogger impersonating him got through to the governor on the phone and said “gotta crush that union!” — the real David H. Koch was greeted rather more warmly here Friday when he officially opened a new cancer research institute bearing his name.

Mr. Koch, a billionaire who is perhaps best known for his family’s image contributions to conservative causes, got a standing ovation from scientists, Nobel laureates and politicians of various political stripes as he opened the new David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , which he gave $100 million to help build. And in a brief, and rare, interview, Mr. Koch, 70, spoke of his hopes for the new center, his prostate cancer and the prank call heard around the world

“It’s a case of identity theft,” Mr. Koch said of the call in which the liberal blogger got through to Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, drew him out about his plans to weaken unions and posted a recording of the call on the Internet , making news and embarrassing the governor. Mr. Koch, whose company, Koch Industries , had given major campaign support to Governor Walker, among other conservative candidates and causes, added, “I didn’t even know his name before this brouhaha erupted.”

But he said that he felt he had been vilified for his support of conservative causes, which have ranged from opposition to the health care bill and pushing for small government and low taxes, to questioning whether climate change is caused by humans. He and his brother Charles are known, on the left, as the billionaires who bankrolled the public policy and citizen action groups that helped cultivate the Tea Party .

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