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Customer Service with Twitter – Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Will find You

Posted Apr 07 2009 11:47pm

After this post there may be more learning how to use Twitter.   The individual in the video wanted to sign up for health insurance and just sent out a tweet.  This happened to be the office for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Illinois, so no word on if all the branch offices may work with Twitter, or how soon they will scan Twitter, but that is how they found her by scanning Twitter for posts relative to Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. 

The companies scan the tweets and you could always use a Twitter hash as well.  Interesting in watching the video, the employee here was serious about Twitter and had Tweet Deck (a software client used to read tweets) up on the screen and was working it!  I like Tweet Deck too as a Twitter Aggregator to organized my reading material. 

It just so happens earlier today I made a post relative to getting help and some links to find books on the subject, so if you need more help being social on the web, this link may offer a few hints. 

Need Help with Social Media and How to Use It – Books, Online Training and Help

On the other side of the coin also remember, everything you put on Twitter is open territory for all to read unless you protect your updates and allow only selected individuals.   Other companies such as Dell are also using Twitter, although I could not see doing a customer support call with PC problems on Twitter, but it might do the trick and put you in contact instead of being transferred around a busy pbx system. 

This is part of the reason Twitter is so popular, it’s easy and you have 141 characters to make your statement, and it is mobile and works on cell phones too, so you tweet whenever you desire.  Who’s going to be next on Twitter scanning?  Hopefully we don’t end up with the equivalent of phone solicitors on Twitter as a result of someone else trying to make a buck with customer service, as this looks to be pretty nice and easier than email too.  BD

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