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Crushing Constituent Parts of Stone Production Line

Posted Oct 12 2012 3:03am

The refractory factories control the particle size of the incoming raw materials. The crushing operations of the stone production line take the two-stage crushing. The first crushing stage of the stone production line is the open process, while the second crushing stage is the closed circuit more process. The closed circuit process is more widely used than the open process in the stone production line.  The commonly used crushing equipments include the jaw crusher, vertical impact crusher, etc.. The crushing difficulty of the common grinding equipment is related to the properties of the ores.
In the refractory industry, the refractory raw materials are often divided into the ores that are difficult to be crushed, the medium ores that can be crushed, and the ores that are easily to be crushed. The ores that are difficult to be crushed include the high alumina clinker. The hard clay, silica, limestone, clay, clinker, magnesia and sintered dolomite all belong to the medium ores that can be crushed. The ores that are easy to be crushed refer to the semi-soft clay, the soft clay and lime. After the raw ores are crushed by the crusher, the particles that are larger than the size of the throat can not be discharged from the crusher. They need further crushing. The jaw crusher is a kind of crushing machine which has very wide use. The jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, convenience maintenance and low production cost. In addition, the jaw crusher has the characteristics of high production capacity, long service life of the teeth plate, low energy consumption and stable particle components. In different equipment manufacturers, the nominal adaptability of the compressive strength of materials is different, which is generally between 200MPa and 320MPa. The jaw crusher can be divided into three types according to the motion characteristics of the moving jaw, namely the simple pendulum jaw crusher, the compound pendulum jaw crusher and the combination pendulum jaw crusher. The common jaw crushers are the first two. Generally, the small and medium jaw crushers are the compound pendulum jaw crushers. The crushing ration of the simple pendulum jaw crusher is much smaller than that of the compound pendulum jaw crusher.
In a word, we must have a deep understanding of the constituent parts of the stone production line. In this way, we can improve the crushing efficiency and reduce the labor consumption.

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