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Covering the Un-insured?

Posted Jul 21 2009 10:34pm
It should be no surprise to anyone that a democratic bill, phased in over several years will reach the point of covering the uninsured in 2013. It will begin with collecting taxes on "the rich", banking the cash for pay-out in 2013. Can you spell Social Security?...Medicare?...bankrupt? Enough of the sarcasm for now. This is really a serious subject. What are people to do between now and 2013?? or longer?? We really can't expect things to change over night...the mess didn't develop over night.

There are some options within the current quagmire of health care. You may need to work around some things, through other things/providers and work WITH providers. I told a friend recently (who is uninsured) that if I could advise on 1 item, it would be to negotiate with healthcare providers (Doctors, hospitals, etc). However, you cannot expect it to be like the good doctor making a house call for a dozen eggs. But...this concept/strategy is worth a try. It will not be easy with negotiations because providers in this healthcare market are generally paid to provide more care (needed or not). The market will move toward an end in which this negotiation is more attractive. Just could arrange with a physician to pay a certain amount (cash or services) for a visit, procedure, a discount of full price (of which is always over-priced). What is the incentive for the doctor? No paperwork, insurance forms, the time spent for billing, coding, re-billing. This, of course is only useful if you do pay your negotiated part and up-front.

Do you provide a service that could be useful to the provider? Plumbing, electric, drafting, cleaning, yeard work?? Perhaps, you could trade services. Think about other services that may be of potential use for bartering. Please share your thoughts and suggestions about this topic. Kind of an interesting way to approach your healthcare? Think about it...share with us.

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