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Couple Doctors Indicted This Week and Octomom MD Accused of Negligence

Posted Jan 07 2010 9:03am

This a short round up of doctors in the news this week, perhaps not good news, but we have everything from planting a bomb, to the physician who helped image Octomom with the fertility implants.  The first link here seems to be the most disturbing with the physician planting a bomb in Arkansas, Dr. Mann a native of India with the finding of more than 100 automatic weapons in his home too.  Secondly the second link explores a liver transplant not following procedure and allegedly going to the wrong patient. 

Lastly, the California Medical Board is looking at Dr. Kamrava and his procedures in helping women become pregnant, in this case it certainly looks like 8 was enough.  In the world of emerging technologies we live in today, data trails and surveillance items are making it much more difficult to work under the carpet and transparency efforts and methodologies are making potential crimes a bit more difficult to hide, as evidenced by the 3 links below.  BD 

Doctor Indicted in Attack on Medical Board Chairman

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A doctor who had been repeatedly penalized by the Arkansas Medical Board was charged in federal court here on Wednesday with planting a bomb that critically injured the board chairman as he left his home for a meeting of the panel last February.

The indictment accused Dr. Randeep Singh Mann, 51, of London, Ark., of employing “a weapon of mass destruction” in the attack on Dr. Trent P. Pierce, a family practitioner, as Dr. Pierce approached his car in the driveway of his West Memphis, Ark., home to travel some 130 miles to a medical board meeting here on Feb. 4.

Surgeon indicted over 2003 liver transplant

The ex-head of the now-defunct transplant program at St. Vincent Medical Center is accused of covering up the misallocation of a liver to a Saudi Arabian national who was 52nd on the waiting list.

Dr. Richard R. Lopez Jr., 54, is accused of lying to national transplant officials and directing his staff to falsify records involving a September 2003 transplant. For two years, the Cheviot Hills surgeon allegedly concealed the identity of the Saudi Arabian national who had received the organ despite being more than 50 places down on the transplant waiting list.

At first, the hospital reported the name of the actual recipient to the United Network for Organ Sharing, which oversees transplantation nationwide. But later that day, Lopez directed his staff to retract that notification and report the name of the man for whom the liver had been initially offered, the indictment says.
Though the intended recipient was removed from the waiting list, Lopez continued to tell him he was still in line, according to the indictment. He died several months later.image

Octomom physician accused of gross negligence

Fertility doctor, Michael Kamrava, has been accused by the California Medical Board which could result in his license either being suspended or revoked. The fertility doctor had already helped Suleman to conceive six children before transferring the fresh embryos that resulted in the pregnancy with eight babies. All previous pregnancies were single pregnancies, except the fifth, which was a twin pregnancy.

Each time Suleman gave birth, four months later she was back asking for help conceiving more children. Each time, Dr. Kamrava repeatedly transferred fresh embryos even though frozen ones were available from previous IVF’s. This placed Suleman at higher risk for problems associated with high levels of hormones and also placed her future children at risk. After repeated pregnancies within such short amounts of time in between, it was apparent that the woman needed some type of mental health evaluation. Unfortunately, the fertility doctor failed to refer her for an evaluation.

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