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Cosmetic Surgery Company Settles Case of Faked Reviews – New York Attorney General’s Office

Posted Jul 15 2009 6:22pm

This is not to say that perhaps it is not a good product, but is rather addressing customer satisfaction with the process, and the company is probably not alone on the web or other places today with pumping up their products.   Being a blogger it is important to have transparency and report real and truthful information, which is something I stand by and when I conduct an interview or post anything outside of those areas, it is disclosed here.  Very rarely do I provide any “sponsored” reviews and if so it is shown and I would say it’s been at least a good year since I have done one, and due to my policy on this, I have turned down a few requests but do offer the opportunity for anyone to advertise on the site if it fits the overall theme of the Medical Quack. 

If I have used a product or software too, I will disclose that information as well.  This story relates to using employees rather than actual clients, although employees could have actually had the procedure, but satisfied consumers who have purchased services or products is what we want to hear about without being coached, etc.  BD 

Lifestyle Lift, a cosmetic surgery company, has reached a settlement with the State of New York over its attempts to fake positive image consumer reviews on the Web, the New York attorney general’s office said Tuesday.

The company had ordered employees to pretend they were satisfied customers and write glowing reviews of its face-lift procedure on Web sites, according to the attorney general’s statement. Lifestyle Lift also created its own sites of face-lift reviews to appear as an independent sources. 

One e-mail message, discovered by the attorney general’s office, told employees to “devote the day to doing more postings on the Web as a satisfied client.”

The company will pay $300,000 in penalties and costs to the state. It has also agreed to stop publishing anonymous reviews on Web sites in the voices of satisfied customers and to identify any content created by employees, the statement said.

Cosmetic Surgery Company Settles Case of Faked Reviews -

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