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Consumers Need More Education – An Astounding Revelation?

Posted Sep 16 2009 10:21pm

Interesting we have this once more in the news, but still nobody doing anything about it.  Consumers, this means everyone, Congress too as they are image not up to date either from what I see on the internet, unless they have had some first hand experience with our current system.

HealthCare Reform Revolves around Participation, Perception and Education For Success

About 2 years ago I told many that Healthcare in the US was going to reach a point of revolt and riots, and sad to say it appears we are knocking on that door today.  We are seeing more efforts with organizing labor groups as people are in fear and want representation of some sort.  Things we used to count on being a constant are no longer that, but and today the constant is “change”.  BD

Is Distraction Getting in the Way of HealthCare Reform?

Consumers need more education about how health information technology will influence their care as electronic health records become more prevalent, according to a study published Sept. 11 by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

Consumers may also want to have a role in how health IT is designed and used, the agency noted.

The study polled members of several consumer focus groups to gauge their knowledge of EHRs and how health IT could improve healthcare quality. The groups were located in different regions of the country, came from a variety of backgrounds and had different levels of health insurance eligibility. Findings indicated that many people do not understand the emphasis on health IT in the healthcare reform debate.

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